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FREE 2-3 Day Shipping from the USA on all orders! 

FREE 2-3 Day Shipping from the USA on all orders! 

The Executive - 18 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand
The Executive - 18 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand
The Executive - 18 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand
The Executive - 18 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand
The Executive - 18 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand
The Executive - 18 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand

The Executive - 18 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Looking for the ultimate in ring light power? This ultra powerful 18 inch ring light comes with a tripod stand that extends up to 6 feet, has 3 different color modes and comes equipped with two remotes — one to change the light settings and one to take pictures + videos. Easily holster your DSLR Cameras and any type of smartphone onto the ring light. This stands provides exceptional strength and allows you to attach multiple cameras or smartphones at once. 

The lights emitted from this ring light are so powerful that your videos will have movie level quality and a super realistic feel. Perfect for TikTok or Instagram videos, movie production needs, work from home Zoom or Slack calls, cooking videos or any sort of personal use. 
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Unleash a flood of light 

It's like having movie set level lighting in your room

Bigger means better 

Bigger means better 

In this case, more lights, more camera holders and more height guarantees the highest level of production quality in any video or picture you're taking. Super powerful lights that go up to 6,000 Lumens means your videos + pictures will have the brightest possible light.

Multi faceted and highly versatile

A lack of imagination is the only roadblock to creativity with this ultra powerful ring light stand. Use for your social media videos, work from home meetings, weddings or social gatherings, production shoots and just about anything else where a flood of beautiful light is required. Shift between 3 color modes (warm white, cold white and natural light) and 10 modes of brightness each with ease via the bluetooth remotes.

Multi faceted and highly versatile
Incredible durability and strength 

Incredible durability and strength 

The highly stable 3-leg tripod stand design and solid locking system keeps all your important equipment safe - eliminating any wobble when in use.The retractable folded tripod can effortlessly adjust to the height you want and provide a burst of light guaranteed to exceed your needs. Set up in minutes and use for a lifetime.


  • How do you set up and use The Executive?
    The package comes with detailed instructions on how to set everything up. In addition, you can watch the Executive Set up video on our YouTube page to see a video step by step on how to set it up.
  • Is it really that easy to set up? I'm not good at building things!
    It really is. So easy in fact, we guarantee you can set up and start using the ring light in under 3 minutes. We are also one quick chat message or email away from helping you as well, so you will get your ring light set up easily and without hassles or worries — guaranteed.
  • What does my purchase come with?

    Your purchase comes with the following:

    • one 18 inch ring light with a 7 foot extendable tripod stand
    • three phone holders
    • one bluetooth remote to take pictures or videos
    • one bluetooth remote to control the light settings. Both remotes come with batteries.
  • What are all the specifications of this ring light?

    These are the technical specifications of the 12 inch ring light: 

    • Size of Ring Light: 18 inches 
    • Size of Tripod Stand: 18 inches - 84 inches
    •  LED Count: 416 pcs
    •  3 Modes of Light: White light, Blended light, Natural light
    •   Dimmable: Yes
    •  Color Temperature: 3000-6000K
    •  Lumen: 2,000LM-6,000LM
    •   Material: ABS and Carbon Steel
    • Weight: 3 pounds
  • How much is shipping and How long will it take to arrive?

    Shipping on this product is FREE. Your product will arrive in a quick 2-3 days if you live in the USA. If you're anywhere outside the USA, it will take about 10-12 days to be delivered.

  • What if I simply just don't like it or dont want it anymore? 

    You have absolutely nothing to worry about - your purchase is protected by our Happiness Guarantee. This means that if you don't love your ring light purchase for any reason, you can return for free (we will send you a pre-paid shipping label) to us anytime with 30 days of purchase. We always send out free replacement items for any malfunctioning products. Please chat or email us if you have any questions, concerns or want to return! 


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Rory C.
United States United States
Epically bright

Really had no idea the light would be this bright, its crazy. Its just permanently stationed in my basement as Im down there everyday making videos. I legit only need to use this ligth when im filming as it is strong enough to light up the entire basement and my basement is pretty big. The remotes are nice too

John N.
United States United States
Perfect for streaming

The lighting in my house has not always been the greatest and I've been wanting to start streaming on twitch for quite awhile now and I'm so excited I can get a great start with my new ring light. I can finally see myself, the lighting is bright and works into the background so I don't blend in and I can dim it. My streams look so much better than the test stream I did the first time I tried using just by ceiling fan light. The quality is so much better. Flat compact design, the stand is adjustable so I can put the light right behind my web cam. The orange filter is my favorite and gives my skin an amazing glow. The phone mount is pretty cool too and works if I wanna stream off my phone. Investment well made!

Josie R.
United States United States
Insane brightness

This ring light is epically BRIGHT, I LOVE IT. Comes with two remotes - one to adjust the brightness and color modes, and one to take pictures or videos from your phone. Easier to set up than I anticipated. Have used this for every video Ive made in the past 2 weeks.

Jessie J.
United States United States

OMG! Lighting has been a real problem for me. I'm a vlogger, filmmaker and writer, so for my web site, I release videos of my creative process. A lot of times, the atmosphere should be intimate, not super bright. Other times, when I'm highlighting words on a page, I may want more brightness. So I needed a range of options, and I didn't want to buy a super expensive light fixture after spending so much already on a camera, lenses, etc. Someone told me about this light. Whoa! I had tried the smaller one that this company has, and it was great but I just wanted something bigger. And sometimes I work late or early in the a.m., so I can't always catch natural light, which can be hit or miss. This light is incredible!

Hunter J.
United States United States
Best Ring Light

Best Ring light I have found. Very good quality and lighting